Suctioning Your Way to a Better Body

Liposuction Calgary, AlbertaSuction. It’s what keeps Spiderman on the side of buildings. It’s what keeps your shower caddy from falling to the floor (at least for a little while). It’s what keeps you from drowning in saliva at the dentists.

And at Dr. Perron’s, it shows your unwanted fat the door — liposuction.

Unwanted fat

We all have unwanted pockets of fat, even Flames players in the midst of their 82-game season. The truth is that in certain areas of our bodies, fat can accumulate and it is just about impossible to get rid of. Short of a prolonged hunger strike, the fat is staying. Even a person with a low body fat percentage can still have pockets of fat in places such as the lower abdomen and the outer thighs, even under their chin.

Liposuction to the rescue

Although it now seems commonplace, liposuction was quite a revolutionary idea back in the 70s when it was introduced in France. The concept of inserting a suction tube under the skin and simply vacuuming out unwanted fat was almost shocking. Of course, liposuction came to the U.S. and Canada in the 80s, and today it is one of the top three cosmetic procedures every year.

And the procedure has come a long way since its early days. In the beginning, liposuction was very traumatic to the tissues because the doctor had to move the cannula back and forth very aggressively under the skin to break up the fat so that it could be suctioned out. This created extensive bruising that could linger for months in the legs.

Technological advances in liposuction have made it a much easier procedure that can target specific pockets of fat without extensive recovery time.

How Dr. Perron performs liposuction

Dr. Perron uses the tumescent technique for his liposuction procedures. He starts by making several tiny incisions in the target area and injecting a solution consisting of saline, epinephrine, and lidocaine. This solution expands and firms the fat, making it easier to remove. The lidocaine acts as a local anesthetic. The epinephrine constricts the blood vessels, limiting bleeding and subsequent bruising.

Next, Dr. Perron inserts the cannula and suctions out the fat. He then moves on to the next incision until the area is completely addressed. The incisions needed now are so small that they can be closed with just a single stitch. There isn’t any noticeable scarring.


Recovery from today’s liposuction is quite easy. There will be some bruising and mild swelling. You’ll wear compression garments to keep swelling to a minimum. You can usually return to work in a few days. As the swelling runs its course, your new slimmer contour will be obvious and will continue to improve.

Interested in bidding your unwanted fat adieu? Call Dr. Perron at 403-228-7076 and set up a consultation for liposuction.

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