Laser Skin Tightening & Hair Removal

Laser skin tightening provides an effective but minimally invasive procedure for smoothing out wrinkles and improving facial skin topography. The laser heats up the dermis and causes the skin to increase collagen production as well as contract immediately due to the increased temperature. Adjusting the strength and exposure of the laser to the skin and customiz ing it not only between people, but also between different areas of the face is done routinely.

No anesthesia is used for this procedure . There is no recovery time associated with laser skin tightening and side effects are minimal. It usually takes between two to six treatments to reach the desired result, although the differences in skin elasticity may be apparent after the first treatment.

We offer elos™ technology for skin renewal and hair removal. The advantage of the use of this laser is that there is no downtime. Trinity is the first and only combined energy technology, using a combination of radio frequency and light energy, making this a superior treatment. This elos™ technology can also be used for treatment of spider veins. These lasers are appropriate for all skin types, including dark skin.

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