Remove Unwanted Scars With Scar Revision

istock_000000367185xsmall-207x300Scar revision surgeries can assist in reducing the appearance of stubborn scars that do not fade easily. Scars usually surface when the skin that has been damaged due to injuries, trauma or from surgical incisions undergoes healing. A scar revision surgery can help ensure that the scars diminish so the scarred skin matches the texture and tone of the surrounding skin. The surgeon recommends the ideal scar revision for patients on a case-by-case basis.

Common Scar Revision Procedures

  • Silicone gel sheeting: This involves placement of clear silicone gel sheets on the affected area, so it can be worn throughout the day. This can treat hypertrophic or swollen scars and reduce the associated pain.
  • Dermabrasion: The doctor removes the skin’s top layers to smooth out any irregularities by means of a fraise or burr to reveal even and clear skin.
  • Laser skin resurfacing: This uses a similar principle to dermabrasion, only uses laser in the technique. Based on the nature of the scars, Erbium or C02 lasers may be used. The laser helps remove the topmost skin layer, so that the scars and irregularities are removed and a new layer of smooth skin forms.
  • Skin grafting: This is usually carried out when a relatively greater portion of the skin has been affected from trauma. The surgeon takes a healthy thin skin layer from some other part of the body and grafts it in the injured region. A punch grafting technique may be used to treat acne scars.
  • W or Z-plasty: The surgeon may make incisions on the scar to create a W or Z pattern. This helps reposition it so it falls in line with the natural creases, while it may also relieve contracted scars in some cases.

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