What’s the Difference Between a Full and Mini Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck Calgary, AlbertaPretty much everyone of a certain age has at least some pooch in the area of their lower abdomen. It’s a combination of slackening of the muscles and tissues in the area and maybe a little extra fat gained over the years.

But others have a more dramatic tummy pooch. Whether from pregnancy, where such a degree of weight gain and size increase is located in a very small area; or from the gain and subsequent loss of a good deal of weight, this pooch isn’t going anywhere no matter how many crunches you do. This is because the skin and underlying muscles have stretched and separated and cannot return to their former degree of tautness.

A tummy tuck can remedy both of the above situations, probably a mini tuck in the first case, and a full tummy tuck in the second.

Here’s the difference between these two tummy tuck procedures performed by Dr. Perron.

Full tummy tuck

In a full tummy tuck, Dr. Perron makes two incisions. The first runs from hipbone to hipbone, sagging downward toward the pubic area. This incision is meant to be able to be hidden under a swimsuit bottom or underwear. A second incision is made around the navel. The skin is pulled downward to give a smooth, flat, tighter contour. Sometimes liposuction can be combined with a tummy tuck if pockets of extra fat need to be removed. If a good deal of skin is removed, Dr. Perron will likely move the belly button to a higher position.

Mini tummy tuck

A mini tummy tuck involves only the lower incision on the bikini line, and this incision can be much shorter depending on the width of the area of sagging. It skips the upper incision. Obviously, a mini tuck cannot address sagging and loose skin in the navel area.

A mini tummy tuck is a simpler procedure that will require less downtime and creates one less scar. But it is not for everyone. Mini tucks are ideal for people at normal body weight, with just a small, lower belly pooch. If you have excess fat, saggy skin above your belly button, or have lost a lot of weight and have a lot of excess skin, you’ll need a full tummy tuck.

Obviously, you will discuss your options with Dr. Perron during your tummy tuck consultation. After examining your condition, the two of you may decide only a mini tummy tuck is necessary. Or you together may decide on the full procedure.

Tired of that tummy pooch? You can do something about it with a tummy tuck from Dr. Perron. Call us at 403-228-7076 to schedule your consultation.

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