Hair Transplant Options to Consider

The most common cause for loss of hair is genetic reasons in both women and men. Up to 95% of the total number of cases for alopecia or baldness is due to hereditary factors. The remaining 5% of the baldness can be attributed to several factors such as illness, stress, diet or medications.

Hair transplantation is a technique wherein surgical procedures are used for moving the individual hair follicles from the ‘donor site’ or a part of the body to the balding part of a human body. The latter is termed as ‘recipient site’. This surgical procedure is usually used for the treatment of baldness in males. Technological advancements in hair transplanting procedures have also improved tremendously so that the hairline is absolutely natural-looking and hair that can cover one’s full head.

hair-restoration-300x200Grafting Options

• Micro-grafting: To manage a natural looking hairline, the placement of the hair should be both precise and yet slightly irregular, so that the hairline is not arranged in rigid angle. When a surgeon prepares the donor grafts, extremely fine micro-grafts are applied that consist of only 1 to 4 hairs per graft. These grafts are implanted at one’s desired hairline and have a natural-looking finish due to the small graft size.

• Mini-grafting: Though micro-grafting produces fine hair that has quite a natural-looking appearance, they are less voluminous. There are less than five hairs in every graft, and it takes several hours for transplanting the complete head with hair. This is also risky as far as the safety of the donor tissue is concerned as well as for the recently transplanted tissue. It is for this reason; mini-grafts ranging from 5 to 12 hairs in every graft can be employed for the majority of one’s balding skin and behind the micro-grafts. Thus, the fullness of a scalp can be accomplished without compromising on the meticulous and precise work done with one’s hairline.

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