Options for Scar Revision

Many individuals with unsightly scars turn to scar revision procedures to improve their appearance. Prominent scars, especially those on the face, can greatly damage an individual’s self-esteem. Those with scars often worry that they are permanent and that there is nothing they can do to get rid of, or lessen the appearance of the scar, but scar revision procedures can do just that! To follow is a brief overview of the options available in scar revision procedures.

istock_000000367185xsmall-207x300Topical Scar Revision Treatments

Gels, lotions, and tapes work to reduce the appearance of discoloration in skin to make scars appear less prominent.

Injectable Scar Revision Treatments

Injectable treatments are temporary solutions to fill concave scars. These injections are mostly steroidal-based solutions that work to reduce collagen formation from the scene of the scar.

Surface Scar Revision Treatments

Surface scar treatments are primarily cosmetic and only improve upon the appearance of scars for a short period of time. The most popular surface treatments include:

  • Dermabrasion, a treatment where the surface layer of the skin is essentially “polished.”
  • Laser or light therapy, which allows for new and healthy skin tissue to grow at the site of a scar.
  • Chemical peels, which soften skin and help improve pigmentation of scars.
  • Skin bleaching is a process where products are applied directly to the scar in order to lighten its color.

Surgical Scar Revision

Some scars cannot benefit from conservative treatment methods and surgery may be required to improve upon, or remove them. Because every scar is unique, the method by which it is excised is altered for each patient’s needs. Some scar revision surgeries require complex flap closures which realign a scar so that it fits a natural contour of the body. Some scar revision surgeries require the use of pharmaceutical tissue substitutes that help close a scar revision if there isn’t enough healthy skin tissue in the area. Skin substitutes are often used in the revision of burn victim scars. Another type of scar revision surgery may require the use of tissue expansion to avoid the need for skin grafts. Tissue expansion is performed by placing a surgical-grade balloon underneath the skin. It is then filled with saline fluids to stretch the skin over a period of time before surgery, so that there is enough skin to support scar correction. Tissue expansions often require multiple surgeries.

Scar Revision Treatments in Calgary

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